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Sharing your stories from the field...

Stories are a powerful way to share your experiences  and knowledge with the other members of the community.  They can cover a wide variety of topics, from how to deal with being homesick to performing an emergency root canal with limited tools.

If you're just getting into missions, the stories page is an amazing tool to learn from some of the most experienced missionaries in the field.


Having a mentor is a great way to learn from someone else that has been in your shoes and knows the ins and outs of finding a way in healthcare missions.


The experts represented on can lend insight and knowledge on everything from general missions questions to the use specific healthcare skills on the field.


Part of what we most care most about is helping you connect with others around the world that are interested in doing the same things you are. Make some connections today that could last a lifetime.

Sending Agencies

A missions sending agency offers placement opportunities, financial support, orientation to missions, field supervision, member care, and much more. Agencies offer a wealth of information to anyone interested in missions. 

Short-Term Trips

A short term mission trip is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow. It is vital to do short term trips well so that we are not unintentionally hurting the communities we are visiting. Look here to find excellent short term opportunities.

Domestic Organizations

Often times when we think of missions, we think only of far-flung villages and remote locations around the world. But there are myriad opportunities right here in the U.S. to engage with mission organizations that are doing amazing work.

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Every interest area on the site has it's own page, curated with content specifically for that interest.



Every interest area on the site has a podcast that you can subscribe to, and all new content added to that area will automatically be downloaded to your podcast app of choice.


When a community member shares a story, the tags they add will let that story flow into the feed for that interest area. 


Want to see how many people have the same interests as you? Click the See All Members button on an interest page to dig deeper and make connections with like-minded individuals.

A variety of ways to learn...

The community offers multiple ways to get information from both experts and your fellow members. Each area of interest contains:

Audio Sessions  •  Video  •  Articles •  Stories


What are Groups?

Groups are a place for members to discuss, ask questions, and share ideas on many topics. You can connect with others who have the same questions or with people interested in the same topics or locations. Discussion groups help to, well, facilitate discussion. 

Find where you belong

It's so easy to feel like you are on this journey all by yourself.  It's so easy to feel alone as you wrestle through calling and interests.  We are here to share that you are not alone.  You are not on this journey all by yourself.  As you explore this community you will quickly learn that there are many others in your professional field, others who share your interests in various global health issues, and others who are either working or desire to work in similar regions of the world.  Use the filtering tool below to refine your search to see that you are not alone.  Reach out to others in the community, search for organizations, connect in a group, or find a short-term trip to join.    And if you are exploring full-time healthcare missions for the future we may be able to match you now with a mentor.  There is no other place where you will find so many people and resources specific to how you are uniquely designed.  Enjoy exploring your community for healthcare missions.

Just remember... you are never alone!

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