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Preparing the next generation in Missional Healthcare - The Formational Course in Missional Healthcare - An Indo and Africa initiative and approach

This breakout session is will be a taster of the Formational Course of the Academy of Missional Healthcare and Initiative of COGI and CAPRO. Designed primarily for pre-internship students in healthcare, it is also open to young professionals. This session will provide a taster to the eight-core module mentorship course in Missional Healthcare. The session will also highlight the uniqueness of t...

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10 Best Medical Mission Trips for College Students

No matter what your career goals are, a medical mission trip can change your life. See the 10 best medical mission trips for college students.

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Missionary Salary: How Much Money Do Missionaries Make?

Determining what sort of missionary salary works best for you can seem like a daunting task. And like a lot of things in mission work, it probably won’t be easy.

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The Best Medical Missionary Training Online

Medical missionaries have the privilege of helping individuals address both struggles. That’s why it’s so important for those called to medical missions to find quality training online. 

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SCATTER STORIES: How Clinical Excellence Done in Love Points to Jesus

Dr. Joseph Daniel's Story – Physician in the Middle East “I’m an ordinary doctor who instead of working in a suburb in the West, I happen to work in the Middle East.” Dr. Joseph Daniel (JD) is a western-trained physician who has been working overseas for the past seven years. “I’m a Christian who happens to be a doctor,” he sa...

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The Holiness of Rest

I remember the first alarm clock I got as a kid. The clicking of the literal turn of time could be heard through the night. One minute. Click. 3 a.m. Click. As I reflect on it now, I was measuring my sleep without even knowing it. Far more sophisticated devices now can easily measure the quality of our sleep, not merely its length. Frankly, though, the real measure of the qual...

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S.I.Ts and M.I.Ts: Yielded Vessels in the Making

We are all "Servants in Training", "Missionaries in Training" or both. What's the difference and how might God be preparing us? Dr. Dowell will be discussing the importance of each of those seasons in our development as yielded vessels "living sacrifices". We will learn the answers to those questions, find encouragement in times of difficulty, and be inspired t...

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Merry Christmas Together

When Jesus walked on this earth, he certainly did not walk alone.

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Packing for the Journey

God is calling us to put down the things that slow us down, to train so we can endurance run...and we have cheerleaders!

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Jesus - Echo, Signpost, Redeemer

I’ve always loved Christmas. Growing up in the snowy prairies of Canada, this was a time of endless outdoor fun. Our tradition celebrated well. Food, extended family, ice skating while celebrating the majestic and mysterious story of Jesus, Immanuel, God with us – the All Creating One becoming 100% human and pitching his tent on this planet next to our own. The wonder sur...

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