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What To Do If Your Mission Trip Is Cancelled?

You have spent lots of time in prayer, talking to others about it, fundraising, training, and gearing up for the adventure ahead. What should you do if it is cancelled?

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The Ethical Approach To Limited Resources

Can’t get a desperately needed lab test? Not enough healthcare staff? Running out of patient beds? Worried a respirator might not be available? As you work without adequate protective equipment, are you thinking that you’re putting your life at risk taking care of your patients? Overwhelming need and limited resources. Sounds like life as a medical missionary, but third world rea...

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Faith, Fear, Caution, Reality: A Balanced Mindset

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of our thirty-second president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, famously said “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water”. Mrs. Roosevelt was cleverly restating what we’ve learned from experience: the pressures of stress and danger reveal our true character. This truism applies to individual disciples of Jesus a...

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The Church Responds To COVID-19

Challenges for the church just keep coming in an onslaught that is fierce and seemingly unending. Now, the church faces a pandemic. Throughout time God has used catastrophic tragedies to bring people to himself. Every crisis is an opportunity to love people. Every church has shortcomings. Crisis exposes weakness and tests strength. How well the church has equipped members to be disciples ...

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The Challenge Of Faith

Christians face the same challenge every day of their lives, namely, the challenge of living by faith. We perceive that challenge differently depending on our circumstances, but it is no more or less real regardless of what we face on any given day. These days, however, the challenge can be overwhelming. The current challenge is no further away than a quick swipe or touch on a phone. As COVI...

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Short Term Medical Mission Produces Long Term Fruit

We want to highlight another story from the field today. This story comes from Guatemala and we hope you are challenged by how your own short term trips might produce long term fruit! In June 2018, a GO InterNational medical team visited the village of La Libertad. Late that afternoon, as the doctors and nurses ended to the remaining patients, team members Nic Cabrini and Nestor Gomez spent ...

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How Can Those Stateside Support Those Overseas Working In High Prevalence Areas?

International healthcare workers are accustomed to making nuanced decisions. We routinely consider various cultural perspectives, resource limitations, and spiritual insights. Now, the current COVID-19 pandemic is calling all our decision-making skills into action. How can supporters in home countries help those serving in hot zones overseas? Pray! Thinking of decisions the overseas workers ...

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Samaritan's Purse Deploys Field Hospital in NYC

You might have seen the Samaritan's Purse Emergency Field Hospital on display a few years ago at the Global Missions Health Conference - the massive structure is as impressive as it is large. Samaritan's Purse, a partner of the GMHC, designed the hospital for emergency situations, ready to be deployed in a moments notice. Samaritan's Purse is now responding to the Covid-19 pandemic ...

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God’s Providence Through COVID-19

We don’t talk much about God’s providence until we get into moments in history like this, and then we start becoming more interested in these types of topics. John Frame defines providence as, “God’s works of providence are, his most holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing all his creatures, and all their actions.” This definition challenges our thoughts ...

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A “Non-Medical” Medical Response From The Church

I often find myself wishing I could do more to help when there are crisis situations around the world. When I see pictures and hear stories of hospitals in Italy overwhelmed with patients, running low on supplies, beds, and healthcare workers, I wish I could roll up my sleeves up and jump in to help. As a non-medical person, however, my engagement on the front lines of this medical crisis is...

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