At the end of myself: how to start sharing the gospel during patient interactions

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Today we want to feature a story shared by Didi Okorozo, where she learned that even when our physical self isn't enough, God comes through in ways we don't expect. We hope you enjoy this story as much as we did!

Here's an excerpt:

My main goal for embarking on this missions trip was to learn how to start sharing the gospel about Christ during patient interactions. I desired to witness the reality of being a Christian and a practicing physician. During the trip, for the periods when I shadowed physicians, I was privileged to observe how the physicians introduced Christ into their conversations with the patients. I saw how they asked the patient if they could say a prayer for them. I also learned about how a nurse always told the patients “God bless you” in Spanish. 

Nonetheless, some internal changes occurred while I was in El Salvador. Being a first year medical student with minimal clinical skills, I was rather unprepared and not confident in my ability to navigate through patient interactions while also maintaining communication with my translator. I remember the anxiety that plagued me on the bus ride to the site on the very first day of clinic. I was anxious, nervous and afraid. It didn’t help that I had a speech impediment; my stuttering exponentially increases in new situations. Read the full story here


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