Ben Thornley

by Ben Thornley


A “Non-Medical” Medical Response From The Church

I often find myself wishing I could do more to help when there are crisis situations around the world. When I see pictures and hear stories of hospitals in Italy overwhelmed with patients, running low on supplies, beds, and healthcare workers, I wish I could roll up my sleeves up and jump in to help.

As a non-medical person, however, my engagement on the front lines of this medical crisis is limited. I can check in with the elderly in my neighborhood, offer to buy groceries for those more susceptible
to this virus, and fulfill my personal civic responsibility to avoid the spread of the virus. But there’s not much I can do on the medical front.

However, during this COVID-19 outbreak, God has reminded me that everyone has a significant role, regardless of profession or skill set. Remember the story of Moses?

In Exodus 17 when Joshua was leading the Israelites in battle against the Amalekites, Moses, Aaron, and Hur went to a nearby hilltop. When Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning. When he lowered them, the Amalekites began to win. When Moses began to get weary, Aaron and Hur literally held up his arms, and the Israelites won!

For some reason, God chose to work through Moses in this way for this particular battle. He led the battle, but Aaron and Hur played a significant role by ensuring Moses’ hands stayed up! In the same way, non-medical people can support and care for those in the medical community. God will use them in this battle against COVID-19.

What could this look like?

  • Prayer-walking around neighborhood hospitals.
  • Making provisions for single parents working in area hospitals and emergency rooms.
  • Ordering food for healthcare workers during the crisis.
  • Mowing the lawn of an overworked caregiver in your neighborhood.
  • Putting a card or note of encouragement in the mailbox of a caregiver.

Creative possibilities are endless. Think of ways to make healthcare workers feel loved and supported as they sacrifice to care for patients.

As the COVID-19 crisis progresses, Christians cannot retreat in fear. With worship services and Bible studies being cancelled everywhere, it can feel like the Church is sidelined. I believe that we can, and should, continue to find opportunities to show Christ’s love for others, to point them to One who provides a peace that surpasses all understanding, and support those on the front lines of healthcare.

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