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by Will Rogers


Merry Christmas Together

Merry Christmas from the MedicalMissions.com team! We hope you and your family are enjoying the holiday season and celebrating the birth of Jesus together.

In the world of healthcare missions, we’ve heard stories of some of the key impact points and motivators to people’s calling. Many of those are things like CMDA student groups, Perspectives on World Missions, and the GMHC. In my opinion, at the core of each of these, and why they have such an impact, is that they are all places of great community and connection.

Today we want to talk with you about the power of community. When Jesus walked on this earth, he certainly did not walk alone. He gathered people around him throughout his years in ministry. He taught them, he loved them, and he served them. The disciples were sent out in groups to share the good news of the Kingdom and throughout the New Testament we see people joining together to go on missionary journeys and share the good news of Jesus.

Have you ever stopped to think about how unique it is that we serve a Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)? They are three and they are one. It’s mind blowing. But what’s so unique about our Lord is that He has always been in community. Think about it... Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have always been in perfect community with each other. And then God makes us in His image! It should stand to reason that we are built for community... it’s in our very nature.

Community is lifeblood to our success - it’s necessary at every stage of life and for every venture we encounter. The encouragement for you is to stop and think about how you are currently connected in community with others. If you aren’t, then take a simple step to get connected with others in a small group, find a CMDA group (or other group), attend the GMHC, or any other number of engagement points. There are no words for the encouragement your heart will find to be on this journey with others.

A note to the introvert...yes, you need to community too. It can be easy for an introvert or high achiever to just keep plowing forward and pioneering their own path. But I want to encourage you to pause a moment and find community. The biggest reason: Jesus did. In his perfection, even Jesus found community with others. There is no doubt he could have plowed through on His own plan by Himself without any problems. We are all made for community.

We are made for community and we benefit from community. Why do you think Jesus gathered people around him? Why is God a triune God? Why does the Bible teach us to love our neighbor as ourself? Why are we instructed to encourage one another, disciple and teach one another, live together in unity? Why is so much of the Bible focused on the body of Christ, mutually edifying one another? Because that is the essence of Christ and the very foundation of our faith. If we live on our own, pursuing our own goals and aims, we will find that we are no longer doing anything except living for ourselves. Our faith is, by necessity, lived out in community both with, and for, others.

During this Christmas season, we hope that you enjoy time to rest and be with your family. We also hope that you dwell on the larger community of Christians that you belong to. Where do you need to grow in your commitment to community?


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