Case Studies: Applying Principles of Transformational Development in Community Health Evangelism

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Transformational Development (TD) and Community Health Evangelism (CHE) are well-established and broadly used approaches with potential to bring profound and lasting impacts on health and agency within communities and within missions. However, participatory learning trainings and open-ended applications may leave missionaries wondering how TD and CHE can be impactful or implementable in a particular context. This session begins with a brief background of TD and CHE principles, including emphasis on Assets-Based Community Development and Community-Driven programs. Missionaries will share examples of successful programs from frameworks of understanding the setting, local leadership, community-driven priorities, and existing assets. Session participants will interact with speakers and work through an additional number of cases, applying TD and CHE in a variety of real-life clinical and community contexts. This session concludes with a toolkit of resources and training options ranging from book recommendations to CHE courses and Preventive Medicine Fellowships.


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