Meet Sushmita. she is a beautiful 27-year-old Christian mother and wife. Two years ago, when she was seven months pregnant, she fell into an open fire. She had severe burns on her neck, chest and arms. Because she was pregnant and the family was poor, she did not receive the treatment and had severe contractures – she did not have complete range of motion of her neck, she could not lift her arms, her left lower arm was attached to her upper arm with what looked like a web of skin and her breasts were adhered together. Her surgery took hours, we released her left lower arm (but she could not straighten it more than 45 degrees), released her neck, and used both thighs for grafts to cover the burned tissue that was removed. Her husband never left her side and even wore the same clothing while there. She always had a beautiful smile upon her face even though the pain was excruciating. Every three days we took her back to surgery for her wounds to be redressed. On the last day, as she looked up at me she said “Thank You! You came and shared Christ’s love with me!


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  • NJ Varughese

    NJ Varughese

    So glad we were able to treat her in our hospital in India-Shanti Bhavan Medical Center!