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Transitioning from Expatriate to National Leadership: Past, present and future

Many mission healthcare programs have been started by expatriates with little or no input from national partners. These programs are often supported by external funds which is one of the reasons that control is still in the hands of expatriates. Transitioning from expatriate to national leadership is increasingly important as nationalism affects national policies. This may take the form of deny...

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Our Current Missions Assignment

The missional landscape has changed. The recent global events, the shifting distribution of Christians, and the realities of what God is allowing; are presenting a whole new missional landscape. What then are the new structures, approaches, and strategies that are proving effective for missions in our days? This will be shared with a special emphasis on the emerging role of medical missions and...

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Reaping the Benefits of Medical Mission Trips

You really can’t experience the benefits of medical mission trips unless you go on one! Here are some benefits you'll gain once you make the decision.

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What are Mission Sending Agencies?

Whether you're exploring missionary work or ready to start your next mission, mission sending agencies can play a vital role in starting your next journey.

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Faith Prescriptions: Spiritual Interventions With Our Patients

Our efforts to provide excellent, compassionate treatment for our patients can open huge doors to address their spiritual needs. This session will provide an introduction to the CMDA "Faith Prescriptions" video series, a collection of 25 episodes created to equip and inspire us to communicate the love of Christ to our patients with sensitivity and respect.

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Mission Opportunities for Occupational Therapists

If you’re an occupational therapist and like missions, you may consider medical missions as a career. If so, check out a medical missions organization board.

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Cancer Screening Globally

Which cancer screening programs save lives and which ones actually create harm?

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Top 10 Missionary Schools to Attend

Missionary schools may have their place in God’s plan for you. But make sure you're considering the basics as you decide which direction is best for you.

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Finding Your Best-fit Sending Agency (The top 10 Questions to Ask)

In this session, you'll learn the most important questions to ask when considering a potential mission sending organization. Find your best fit by attending this seminar!

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Treatment of Worms and Other Parasitic Diseases

This session will be a quick review of common treatments for worms, Chagas disease, Human African Trypanosomiasis and leishmaniasis which are all parasites more common outside of the United States. However with a recent increase in immigrants they are becoming more common in some parts of the United States. The brief discussion of the treatment of each of these infections will include medicatio...

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