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10 Christian Missionary Organizations - Medical Missions

You have a heart for the nations, and when it comes to Christian missionary organizations to take you there, you have a lot of options.

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10 Long Term Mission Opportunities

There are many roles of a missionary, some might pursue short-term missions with several trips over a lifetime, while others embrace long-term mission opportunities.

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"The Talk about . . . fundraising and MedSend's solution"

Are you comfortable asking people for money? Do you understand the critical areas you must address if you are going to ask people to invest in you? This session will give you an understanding of the basics in fundraising that is fundamental to anyone in ministry. You will learn 5 critical things you must do in order to raise your own support. There is a solution to the obstacle of educational l...

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The Best Medical Missionary Training Online

Medical missionaries have the privilege of helping individuals address both struggles. That’s why it’s so important for those called to medical missions to find quality training online. 

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Five questions about being a missionary doctor

Do you have questions about being a missionary doctor. This post answers five of the most common questions about being a missionary doctor.

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5 Nurse Mission Trips - Minister to Those in Need

Nurses have found a place and purpose in fulfilling the Great Commission. As a result, nurse mission trips have grown in both popularity and opportunity.

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8 types of missionary work and how you can help

There are many types of missionary work you can get involved in. Let's talk about eight (8) types of missionary work and how you can help.

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5 Family Mission Trips for Spiritual Growth & Bonding

The best place to start talking about missionary opportunities for families is within your family. Talk with your kids about the importance of missions.

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World Medical Mission From Samaritan’s Purse

World Medical Mission has been sending medical professionals on mission trips around the globe for more than four decades—and they aren't planning to slow down.

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7 Unique Mission Trip Gift Ideas

Talk with your missionary about what needs they might have. This will help you avoid getting a mission trip gift that won’t work at all!

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